Eastside Students Called to Reach Out

Nazarene Youth International (NYI)

Eastside teens move fast learning about each other, God and faith, and are an active part of our church and ministry. If you want to be involved with some great people, come join ESCRO with us!

Sunday School is Sunday mornings at 9:45


During the Summer, we have Fun & Games at 6:30- active fun for teens and active adults.

During the school year, we have Teen Quizzing at 6. This year we study Hebrews and 1 & 2 Peter.

Teen Time is Wednesday at 7.

Our wonderful teens learn, have fun, make friends & share God's love!


ESCRO Leadership Counsel

  • Pastor Joe Bell
  • Larry Smith
  • Michael Stanley
  • Larry Dowdy (College/Career Representative)
  • __________ (Sr. High Representative)
  • Sarah Bell (Jr. High Representative)
  • Dayanara Hernandez Aguilar Member Care
  • __________ NMI Liaison (Missions Leader)
  • Michael Howard (Outreach)
  • Sarah Bell (Celebrations)
  • David Mayhew (Fundraising)
  • Charles Watson (ESKidz Support)