What happens at Eastside?

What do I need to know?

    We are a small young church in eastern Gastonia. Our biggest strength is love. You will feel God's love and our love when you visit. We won't overwhelm you, but we will welcome you. 

     Size-     We have less than 100 people attending, so you can't hide- but we will be polite, and won't embarrass you. 

     Dress-    Anything is acceptable as long as it's modest in covering your body. We have people in ties and people in jeans- it's all good!

     Services-You are welcome to be as involved in our service as you want- you can sit and watch. But you'll find we celebrate who God is, and are full of joy, music and faith! We have bulletins and most of our music and service in projected, so you shouldn't be lost. If you've been in most Christian churches, you will find something you know here. Some of us say Amen and offer praise through singing, clapping and encouraging the pastor and each other- some don't! You are welcome to whatever expression of worship you find in our midst. 

    Children- Children are welcome, and important. We have Sunday School for all ages, and a special Kids Time Wednesdays at 7. We have planned services for nursery and toddlers, and worship plus a children's church time for elementary students.

    Theology- We aren't perfect, but are working to have hearts perfectly turned to God. Simply, we love God first with everything, love others as Jesus loves us, & make Christlike disciples. We believe that comes from scriptures, and believe that is why God put us here.We are conservative Wesleyans, in the Anglican-Methodist tradition but closer to the Wesleyan church, the Salvation Army and some other groups.

    We believe very strongly in evangelism- sharing the gospel with everyone, starting here but reaching around the world; in education- training believers from birth up to follow Christ & change their world- we have 11 universities and a seminary in the US & Canada; and in compassion- reaching to "Meet Real Needs for Real People." Nazarenes helped found World Vision, Compassion International, Focus on the Family and others. We work closely with Campus Crusade for Christ and others, and have local ministries all over the world. Our local church helps the Resource Connection Gateway program, Gaston Hope in Christ, Crisis Assistance Ministry, Crisis Pregnancy Center and other good local groups. 

    Our biggest thing is not our theology (above) or our services (which vary by church)- it is our connection to Christ and each other. We believe faith should be lived out, and that God's love connects us to all believers, and even to those who don't yet believe, in love.

    Nazarenes- We are part of a very connected family. The Church of the Nazarene has thousands of members all over North Carolina, and over 2.5 million members in 160+ countries- and you may be surprised how close we are to each other. If you know Nazarenes anywhere, you may know someone who knows us- and we love that! For more on what we believe, check out our page or www.Nazarene.org. To learn about being connected, come see us!

Service Times

Bible Study at 10 am on Sundays; Zoom online at https://bit.ly/Eastsidess

Sunday Worship: 11 am in person and online at http://bit.ly/ESvido (You Tube Page- See "Live" tab)

Thursday Teen Time 7:00 pm (Teen Quiz Team Practice 6 pm)

Below is a layout of Gastonia Eastside Church of the Nazarene.

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