Eastside is a congregation of people "Loving God-Loving Others- Making Disciples-Being Changed!” Join us as we worship, play, serve, learn & grow, & find in Jesus the answer to our needs! Everyone is welcome here, whatever their background, past or present. We do that because we are loved by God, & freely offer that love to you! Our purpose at Eastside is to lead people into a relationship with God, then to teach & model Christianity for them until they lead others! If we can help you in any way, please let us know.


EVERYONE is welcome here. We Love God, Love Others, Make Disciples & Let God Change us. We are your FRIENDS and want to assist you, wherever you are on your faith journey. Everyone is welcome here, whatever their past or present. We are loved by God and freely offer that love to you.

We try to help BELIEVERS, who have asked for and received Christ’s forgiveness, as their family, to encourage and help them grow;

We walk beside DISCIPLES, those giving God full control of your life, to lead a vital Christian life through:

  • Practical Biblical teaching;
  • Regular personal Prayer and Bible study;
  • Awesome Worship together
  • Investing in Discipling Others and Godly Friendships
  • Serving Others Personally
  • Extra Times- where God teaches, touches & changes.

Whether you are a friend, believer or disciple, we love you and want to help your life & faith in any way we can.


We do a great deal at Eastside- video monitoring, background checks and training for our children & teen staff, and ongoing support- to make sure everyone is safe and well-cared for here. We also work with our leaders, our government officials and others to make sure that everyone who wants to hear from God is welcome here. It’s part of Loving God, Loving Others & Making Disciples- & it’s who we are.

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Sunday 9:30 Prayer Time

9:45 Sunday School

10:45 Eastside Worship (English)

Tuesday-Thursday 3-5:30 Gaston Hope in Christ Tutoring

(October-May on full school days)

Wednesday 5:45 Supper (Call to be included)

6 pm ESKidz and Teen Bible Quizzing

7 pm Adult Bible Study

ESKidz Fun Time

ESCRO Teen Time

8 pm All-Church Prayer Time


Meet Your Bible Readings For This Week

Reading with Meet Your Bible; 1 Psalm, 1 Proverb, 1 Gospel

Memory Verses:Ezekiel 34:23. 36:26, 38:9, 45:9, 48:35b

11/11/18 Ezekiel 32-33 Psalms 72, Proverbs 11, John 2

11/12/18 Ezekiel 34-36 Psalms 73, Proverbs 12, John 3

11/13/18 Ezekiel 37-38 Psalms 74, Proverbs 13, John 4

11/14/18 Ezekiel 39 Psalms 75, Proverbs 14, John 5

11/15/18 Ezekiel 40-42 Psalms 76, Proverbs 15, John 6

11/16/18 Ezekiel 43-44 Psalms 77, Proverbs 16, John 7

11/17/18 Ezekiel 45-46 Psalms 78, Proverbs 17, John 8

11/18/18 Ezekiel 47-48 Psalms 79, Proverbs 18, John 9

Get a copy of William Miller's Complete Guide to the Bible, Student Edition, to learn with us

Here is our link to this week's service and announcements!

Announcements, Presentation http://esnaz.us/111118 (last 6 numbers are the service date)

Videos of services or messages can be found at bit.ly/Esidev


3250 Redbud Drive Gastonia, NC 28056; Mail

P.O. Box 550030 Gastonia, NC 28055-0030 Phone (704) 824-7060.

Pastor Joe Bell: Joe@ESNaz.com

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The Church of the Nazarene and Back to the Bible have a brand new phone & tablet app, and Eastside is one of the partners in it.

Go to Google Play or ITunes store and get the "Nazarene Connect" App then select Eastside as your local church.

Join us as we work to become better stewards of the bodies God has given us. Your @ESHealth1 team is here to encourage, support and motivate you to be all God created you to be!

  • Challenges to help you and yours be healthier
  • Information about big and small changes that will help you
  • Free Health Screenings and Advice from Eastside Health Professionals


Send in your prayer requests by email at Pray@ESNaz.com

We pray together on Sundya mornings at 9:30 and Wednesday Nights at 8 for the Lord to work in us, our church, community and world.

Join us and do the work of Christ!

Are you hurting? Do you need to talk to someone?

Send prayer requests to Pray@ESNaz.com or call or text (704) 879-3010

Raising or Growing them,

but ALWAYS Making Disciples!

Have you led someone to the Lord? Have you discipled someone until they were leading other people to the Lord? Statistics tell us less than 1 in 40 "Christians" do this in our lifetime, but it's the Great Commission, the last instruction from Jesus to his followers. It's what we do at www.EastsideNC.org !


(Eastside Students Called to Reach Out)

Eastside teens are moving fast- doing great stuff- learning about each other, God and faith, and are an active part of our church and ministry. If you want your teens to be involved with some great people, come ESCRO with us!

Sunday School is Sunday mornings at 9:45

Teen Time is Wednesday at 7. We also have quizzing during the school year at 6 pm on Wednesday nights.

Our wonderful 7th thru 12th graders- learn, have fun, make friends & share God's love!

ESKidz Time- Kids are important- Join us as we sing, play, laugh, learn & grow closer to God each week! We meet at 7 on Wednesday, and during Sunday School (9:45) and part of worship (10:50) on Sunday. We also have quizzing during the school year at 6 pm on Wednesday nights.

Our church is host and home for Gaston Hope in Christ, a local non-profit "Meeting Real Needs for Real People" through after school tutoring and other programs. Gaston Hope in Christ Tutoring Loves Kids for God. To help change lives 1-3 days a week (3-5 pm, 2 hours at a time), get an application online at www.GastonHiC.org.

Eastside also works with the YMCA Social Services Gateway (www.gastonymca.org/gateway ) , Crisis Pregnancy Center (http://www.cpcgaston.org), Crisis Assistance Ministry (http://crisisassistancegastonia.org) and others to love our community.

We are part of The Church of the Nazarene, an international connected family of believers who have been saved by Christ and are being changed to follow Jesus today. 2.6 million Nazarenes around the world work through churches, preaching points, schools, hospitals, compassionate ministry centers, 51 Nazarene universities and seminaries around the world, disaster response and other ministry wherever there is a need.

Trevecca Nazarene University (www.Trevecca.edu ) is our regional University. Founded in 1901, Trevecca is committed to holistic education, encouraging students to grow intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Located approximately one mile from thriving downtown Nashville, Trevecca provides a liberal arts education while guiding students to find God’s calling on their lives through traditional undergraduate programs, continuing and graduate studies and online offerings. With over 3,200 students from 43 states and 16 countries, Trevecca offers 15 associate degrees, 84 undergraduate majors, 19 master’s programs, and two doctoral programs, as well as specialist and certificate programs.