ESSports - Using Sports to Change Lives for Christ!

Our Mission: Using sports and activities to help individuals and families Love God, Love Others, Make Disciples and Be Changed!

Our Venue

Eastside Sports Field,

3450 Old Redbud Drive,

Gastonia, NC 28056

OK- right now it's just a field.

But our goal is to use it to help young people learn about sports, teamwork, persistence, grace, and Christ. We are working right now to get the final clearing done, then we will be able to plant it and prepare it for use. At Eastside, our goal is to help people follow Christ. This is not a fundraiser, or income stream for us. We will keep prices down so that as many as possible can participate, learn and grow. It's just another way for us to love others for Christ!

If you are ready to help resource or support a totally non-profit outreach on the Redbud/New Hope corridor to children who need love and faith, contact us today!

Eastside Church of the Nazarene Dios de Amor y Paz del Nazareno

704-824-7060 980-285-3467

Senior Pastor Joe Bell Co-Pastors Susie and Francisco Flores

Mail Post Office Box 550030 Gastonia, NC 28055

We share our facility at 3250 Redbud Drive, Gastonia, NC 28056

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Eastside Sports Field Street View