Take-Aways: Below are some of the things that stuck out to me from the services provided by Pastor Travis Greene.

  • Bravery - The enemy tells you to focus on other things instead of facing and conquering your fears.
  • Stop telling YOUR stories. Tell HIS story in how HE (JESUS) is and what HE as done in YOUR life.
  • We need to be Jesus to EVERYONE!!
  • 3 things to help strengthen our walk with Christ:
    1. Meditate on God's Word: read your Bible daily
    2. Invite accountability: have an accountability partner that will help keep you focused on God and His plan for your life.
    3. Live in community: go to church, to youth on Wednesdays, keep in contact with your peers from camp via text and Facebook. NO LONE RANGERS
  • Turn away from your failures that you have let define you. Let your successes define who you really are.
  • there is not a better calling in the world than spreading God's story.
  • mistakes should not define your future
  • we may be small in the world's eye, but we are HUGE in God's eye.
  • ALL things are possible when the right people surround you.
  • STOP worrying about what people think of you, worry about how you can concentrate on HIM!
  • The cross is the point where God's strength meets our weaknesses
  • God can use you...no matter how small or how big or how young or how old you are......BE BOLD, BE BRAVE!!!!