Teen Quizzing Page

To quiz on the district a quizzer must be at least in the 6th grade and have permission from their church. To go to TNT a quizzer must be part of a Nazarene youth group and be twelve years old on or before 12/31/18.

For the first two quiz meets we will have a raffle drawing for $40 cash at both the September and the October quizzes. To be a part of the drawing a quizzer must be able to quote any 6 memory verses from the memory verse list or say in essences any consecutive 10 verses from the scripture (for September Chapters 1 through 5 and October chapters 6 through 8).

Quiz Meets:

Sept 8th Penny Road Chapters 1-5 8509 Penny Road Raleigh, NC 27606

Oct 6th New Beginnings Chapters 1-8 4555 Shattalon Drive Winston Salem NC 27106

Nov 10th Pineville Chapters 1-11 8614 Pineville Matthews Rd Charlotte, NC, 28226

Dec 8th Concord Chapters 1-15 2520 Highway 49 S, North Concord, NC

Jan 12th New Horizons Chapters 1-18 4221 Randleman Road, Greensboro, NC 27406

Feb 9th Charlotte Trinity Chapters 1-21 6031 Tuckaseegee Rd, Charlotte, NC 28208

Mar 9th Burlington Chapters 1-21 802 Chapel Hill Rd, Burlington, NC 27215


8:30 Registration

9:00 Devotional

9:10 Quiz Rooms – Bonus Verses then 7 round robin rounds

12:20 Lunch $5

1:20 Memory verse round

1:50 Top 4 team tournament and mix quizzing round

2:45 Top 10 and 11 through 20 round

3:15 Awards (Gum challenge if running on time)

3:30 Dismissal

*****Nov 10th Pineville quiz is an invitational and will have adjusted schedule and later dismissal time


  • Quizzing Materials – No change, same as last year:
  • Books and materials ACMEquiz.com and Foundry (old NPH) and youthquiz.com

o Coaches: I email out questions sets from the district set for those who purchase the $15 YouthQuiz Online Set

Maker (I recommend one subscription to NPH for coaches) or if requested ACME sets if you purchase the $10

Quizmaster (if you can afford both ACME has more games and options you can use during practice).

o Books – ACME has larger print $2 and a highlighted option $4, compared to the Foundry $2 B&W book. Spiral

bound Foundry paragraph style has each verse listed on new line and memory verses marked, ACME has

color and B&W in paragraph style with stronger concordance.

o For quizzers I recommend the Quizmaster (do not have to be online, faster, more options) and/or Nazarene

YouthQuiz App ($5) – only a few questions, but can listen to John at normal fast and faster rates, has

scripture and memory verses.

  • Top 4 Tournament and Mix Team Rounds – No change, same as last year:
  • From the round robin the top four teams enter in a tournament for 1st through 3rd.
  • Remaining quizzers will be divided up – ideally with quizzers from 4 different churches per team.
  • Memory Bonus – No change, same as last year:
  • Memory verse bonus list below
  • Allow one person not to participate per team – for the rest of team: each person quotes any one of the 3 verses correct (does not have to be the same verse) team gets 10 points token, each member two verses then a second 10 point token, and each member quotes all 3 verses correctly then the team gets two 10 point and one 20 point token.
  • Can use all points in one quiz or can be used separately in multiple quizzes (must be used in round robin).
  • Memory Verse Round – No change, same as last year:

All volunteers can come up and will be allowed to state one memory verse of their choosing from the current meet’s new material (verse and reference). A chance to correct themselves will be given (word perfect is the expectation). If incorrect they are disqualified, if correct a quote will be asked from all material covered before this meet. If they do not know this quote, then another quote will be asked from the new material only. We will go through the line once. If the quizzer gets the reference of their choosing and either the quote from prior material or the current material quote then they will receive a memory verse ribbon for the meet.

  • Gum Challenge: One question quiz off with a quizzer from each team (lower averages), winning

team/quizzer gets a pack of gum – done just before awards (encouragement to stay for awards).

  • Top 10 and 20 rounds – No change, same as last year:

Individual rounds will be every month just prior to the team championship round. From Sept to Feb the top 20 quizzers will be in this round: the top 10 will be in room one, and 11 - 20 will be in room two or another large room.

  • End of year average – No change, same as last year:

25% January, 25% February and 50% March