About Us

Eastside is a local congregation of People "Loving God and Others, Making Disciples and Letting God Change Us." God has put some wonderful people together here!

Lead Pastor Joe Bell, Wife Teresa, Children's Director (Son Stephen, Daughter Sarah)

Joe@ESNaz.com , Teresa@ESNaz.com

Music Director David Bryant (Wife Laura, Daughter Kayla)


Youth Director Patrick Webb, Wife Mandy, Church Board Secretary, (Son Christian, Daughter Sydney) Patrick@ESNaz.com , Mandy@ESNaz.com

NYI President Beth Bradshaw

Deacon Dr. Violly Walton, NMI President, Husband Sam, SDMI Chair

SamandViolly@gmail.com , Save@esnaz.com

Audio & Video Coordinator Larry Biggerstaff, Wife DeAnn, Early Children's Director


Treasurer & ESTrust Director Larry Smith (Wife Carol)


Church Administrator Neil Booth Neil@ESNaz.com

Hope in Christ Custodian Willie Monico (Wife Diane) WillieMonico@gmail.com